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Shocked by several terrorist attacks in France and Africa in late 2015, students from the French Heritage Language Program in NYC reacted with a rap song to promote tolerance and education. The project was created and directed by Yacine Boulares and took the form of a weekly songwriting workshop and one day on a professional recording studio.

Francoph'Einy is the fruit of a 8 week long workshop with the Senior Kindergarten and 6th graders from Ecole internationale de New York. Under Yacine's guidance, they learned how to write the lyrics to a song that celebrates the diversity of their Francophone heritage then recorded in a professional studio setting and experienced the production of a song and a video clip.

Ever since his first steps as a professional musician, Yacine Boulares has been involved in many creative projects with schools and community-based organizations in New York City (French Heritage Language Program, Brooklyn Arts Council, Baltimore School for Performing Arts). 

Following the success of these collaborations, Yacine Boulares and fellow educator Benoît Le Dévédec have teamed up to offer an innovative series of workshops enhancing language learning through music and the performing arts. Two workshops are currently available: 

“Les Ateliers”, which focuses on teaching French language and Francophone cultures, and

“Speak and Rhyme”, a workshop dedicated to helping new immigrants build confidence and literacy in the English language. 

Both workshops use project-based pedagogy and are accessible to all ages and language proficiency levels.

Les Ateliers

Les Ateliers brings French learning to a new level of creativity. The workshop lets students improve their French skills and learn more about the various cultures of the Francophone world through music, songwriting, dance, and stage performances.

Speak and Rhyme

Speak and Rhyme helps English Language Learners build confidence and develop stronger literacy skills in English. Using creative writing through music and singing, the workshop puts students at the forefront of their learning and make them performers of their new language. 

Each workshop is tailored to a school’s needs. They can range from single sessions to longer-term projects and up to music recording and stage production. Feel free to ask for more information here:

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“Whether learning English or French, we believe that language acquisition is more effective when done through creative processes like music and the performing arts. Our original approach makes language learning engaging and offers a powerful complement to any schools and organizations willing to enrich their students’ artistic and linguistic skills.”

Yacine Boularès & Benoît Le Dévédec

After the premiere of Amidou & Toya at Lycee Français de New York May 2014. Benoit Le Devedec, Bassirou Kaba & Yacine Boulares

After the premiere of Amidou & Toya at Lycee Français de New York May 2014. Benoit Le Devedec, Bassirou Kaba & Yacine Boulares

People and organizations we have successfully worked with:

About Benoît Le Dévédec:

Benoît is an international education consultant specialized in the teaching of French and English. He has taught languages from kindergarten to higher education levels in Europe and the United States, before developing bilingual programs in Belgium and managing the French Heritage Language Program in New York. Benoît and Yacine have already worked on successful education projects together, including the Amidou & Toya musical and the 2014 Color My French charity concert, advocating for the integration of new immigrants and the creation of free French classes in the United States. 

    Amidou & Toya

    In 2014 Yacine Boulares was commissioned by the French Heritage Language Program to compose a Broadway style musical. Amidou & Toya is an original creation that tells the story of young francophone immigrants from West Africa and Haiti who have to deal with the challenges of youth, love, and integration. It was premiered in 2014 at the Lycée Français in NY.